Jason Zi Feng Lei

Jason Zi Feng Lei

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First Name * Jason
Last Name * Zi Feng Lei
Username * TheJob
Country * Australia
City Perth
Nationality Australian
Languages CantoneseEnglish


Current Position Modeller
Areas of Expertise Graphic Design
Preferred Tools MayaBlender 3DModeling


Availability: student
Website jasonlei.carbonmade.com


My name is Jason Zi Feng Lei, I am 17 and am from Australia. I am a 3D modeling artist. I have been working with 3D graphics for 5 years now. In the near future, I wish to go to University and Study a course in Graphical/Multimedia Design.

When I started of in the realm of 3D graphics, I began modeling in a basic software called "Anim8or", for 3 years I used it and then I moved to the well known open-source software called "Blender 3D" I used this for 2 years before moving to Maya.

I also do 2D work off and on the computer. My main program I use for 2D work is Photoshop.